White Wood Chairs

Constructed of Beechwood with a clear lacquer varnish, these chairs will give your milestone occasion a sophisticated aesthetic, whether it’s indoors or outside. Perfect for weddings, receptions, backyard BBQs, birthdays, showers, and more.

  • Up to 200 white wood chairs available for rent
  • White, clean, classy, and elegant style
  • Padded seat for comfort
  • Ultra-strong, but lightweight
  • Supports up to 1,000 pounds
  • Foldable and easy to setup
  • Available for rent in northeast Indiana and greater Fort Wayne
  • Size: 17.5″W x 18″D x 30.75″H
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The most affordable white chair rentals in Northeast Indiana

  • 50 White Chairs | $4.25 / Chair
  • 100 White Chairs | $4.00 / Chair
  • 150 White Chairs | $3.75 / Chair
  • 200 White Chairs | $3.50 / Chair
  • 250 White Chairs | $3.00 / Chair

All pricing is for a three-day rental including pickup and dropoff days.


The most affordable option (it’s free!). Pick up the chairs from our centrally located facility. Transport is easy with our unique racking system that holds 50 chairs per rack – no need to lug or stack the chairs!

  • Step #1: After booking, you will receive a unique pin code to access the chairs at our facility on your designated pickup date.
  • Step #2: Pick up the chairs. We recommend using a box truck, trailer, or pickup to transport the chairs with at least two people.
  • Step #3: After your event, re-rack the chairs and deliver them back to our facility


The most convenient option. For a fee (determined at checkout), our team will organize, transport, set up, and pick up your rented chairs.

  • Step #1: After booking, we will contact you to confirm a dropoff date and location.
  • Step #2: We will deliver and set up your chairs before your event.
  • Step #3: After your event, we will pick up your chairs – you don’t have to lift a finger.